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Nigel BOND

Book direct with me via this website and avoid hundreds of € £ $  in Airbnb fees.  But if you prefer to book via Airbnb for your own convenience/confidence the link is   

About Nigel - Owner of L'Airial, Moustey and your host:   

British born, but soon adopted a peripatetic life. I recently finished working for United Nations in Pakistan. I spend September to May living in my home in Moustey, France. From May to August I pack up my stuff and meticulously prepare my house for summer rentals - then my dog, Sami, and I take to the road to visit friends and family all over Europe. I have lived in Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Japan, Russia, Lebanon, USA, France, and Kenya. i am also have been a world traveller/nomad - having spent many years visiting friends all across the globe. 

Spoken Languages 😀  . The language flag below is a website default that I cannot change - I actually speak 🇬🇧️ but I can also speak 🇺🇸️, 🇦🇨️, 🇸🇭️, and 🇨🇦️ reasonably well!   I also know an embarrassingly small amount of 🇫🇷

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